British Land Speed Record 2012 won by Guernsey man

Zef Eisenberg brings home to Guernsey
the ACU British Land Speed Record 2012
'Turbine Wheel powered' Category

The Turbine bike was invited to attend the first ACU sanctioned British land speed records in 20 years at one of the best 2 mile runways in the UK - Elvington on the 13-14th May. Maximum speeds records will take place over 1 mile and 1.4miles for a range of different categories, from the highly tuned scooters to, ultimate Turbo/Nitrous bikes and of course ‘Turbine wheel powered’ which the Turbine bike has been entered into. British is defined as the best of British, Northern Ireland and Channel Island racers.

We have worked solidly for over two months on the Turbine bike, getting each part checked, repaired or tweaked after our August Elvington experience and a 196mph gearbox overheat/seize.
Unlike some of the extreme bikes at the event, this turbine bike is road legal, with lights, indicators and a horn! This bike actually rides around Guernsey to pick up the milk and Sunday papers, I kid you not. Naturally we rode it up to the event, all 150 miles. I had my sat nav plugged in to the front of the bike with all the fuel stations programmed in along the way. Fuel economy not that bad - 1 mile  for every litre burnt !

After two days of racing, we achieved 205.87mph peak on our fastest run, and the British ACU ‘Turbine wheel powered record’ for various distances. As for Diesel fuelled bikes, we smashed that totally by nearly double. Most importantly the bike was running very well, no issues, oil leaks or gearbox/clutch problems, all worked well. Bringing home the record is fairly amusing considering the speed limit in Guernsey is 25mph and 35mph for the fast roads! As you can appreciate I had to practise the runs in my mind, as opposed to the road.

I feel a little frustrated as the bike is capable of going faster. After watching the other racers change the rear sprockets to adjust the gearing, I realised we were geared too high and I needed a larger rear sprocket to help achieve higher rpm speeds. Larger sprockets was the only thing I failed to bring with! 

For those who were sleeping in the back of their physics class, a little reminder - maximum HP is a calculation as follows; HP = [(Torque x RPM) / 5252]. I can make high torque on the turbine (N1), but without high RPM (N2), I cannot make the high HP, needed to overcome the massive wind resistance at 200mph + which is like pushing against a brick wall. 

A good example is as follows; try to drive up a hill in top gear and naturally you would struggle, so you drop down a gear or two to give you more RPM and therefore more HP, acceleration and speed. Same with the Turbine bike. Regular bikes have a 5/6 speed gearbox and can do that. I have ‘one gear’ which is the chosen front and rear sprocket. That dictates the final speed, but also RPM, HP, rear wheel torque, etc… get the ‘gearing’ wrong and it’s lower speeds and back to the paddock to change sprocket size. 

Not to worry though. Just more knowledge and motivation to better my record next time...

Some photo’s of the bike/event…

Zef, Turbine bike and very tight Dainese D-air leather suit!

Zef, and MADMAX race crew; Miguel, Fernando

Checking the bike @ Elvington, 2 mile runway!
Enjoy the video of what it actually looks and sounds like when riding the bike….
at 205.87mph (329kmh – 300 feet per second!) – Recorded using a Racelogic Vbox

Turbine bike burn out – warming the tyres up

205.87 mph video over 1 mile

Zef Eisenberg
Turbine Bike Rider 
ACU British Land speed Record holder ‘Turbine wheel powered’

RR 250-C18 Turbine
320shp / 300lbft @ 6016rpm certified 'at crank'
N1 Max: 54,000rpm
N2 Max 34,000rpm
250kg dry weight
Fuel - Regular Diesel
82 inch wheelbase
Wheels: 240/40/18 rear
             120/70/17 front
Conti Race attack custom high speed race tyres.
Brakes - 6 pot ISR, 320mm Rotors

Some excellent people have helped out at short notice to hit the deadline for this event and ensure the bike is safe. Here is a non-exhaustive list...and why they are special.

MTT: A special thanks to Ted & Corey at MTT

J.A.Biggs Engineering;  John Biggs helps on the dyno and paint work

Turx Engineering: Richard 'Turk' Vaudins. Top welder and drive chain help

Atec Engineering: Adrian 'Ad' for his excellent CNC and metal work.

Racelogic Vbox: Stephen for the vbox special software tweaks and vbox setup help.

Dainese: For their wonderful protective clothing and leather

ATI: Special hardened gearbox shafts

Maxicorp : Much appreciation goes to the team that work hard behind the scenes to organise the logistics for the event, vans, hotels, PR, etc... Keep up the great work. You make everyone's life easier.

MADMAX RACE TEAM (r): An apt name for the turbine race team. Special thanks must to my pit crew Fernando and Miguel for their special assistance, time and effort in helping prepare the bike, checking everything and making sure the bike looks and sounds right. They keep me safe.

Clothing: A new clothing store will be opening up soon to cope with the increase in enquiries. Watch this space.

MADMAX is a registered trademark of Maxicorp no: 2372107
classes: 09, 14, 16, 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 38, 39, 41.

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