Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 - Turbine bike

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

 It was an honour to be invited to The world famous Goodwood festival of speed 2011 by Lord March and his team. The main event sponsor was the famous watch maker TAG HEUER, who were so excited by the turbine bike being at the event, that they had the bike specially chromed for the event. The logo on each side of the bike is a picture of their TAG V4 Monaco exclusive watch. The only watch in the world to be powered by a piston winder and NASA made micro toothed belts. The bike was a 2005 Y2K, with the 240 rear tyre option, running the Rolls Royce Allison C18 -320hp Turbine. The Rider for the event was Zef Eisenberg, with MTT founder Ted Mcintyre in attendance also. The event was a great success. The bike was at the F1 paddock stand surrounded by the greatest bikes and champions ever seen... but once the bike started up its turbine, the crowds flocked around the bike to view and record the most extreme sounding bike you've ever heard. With smoke, wheel spins and even a ride across the grass, the bike was star bike of the show.

Ted Mcintyre - MTT founder

Zef Eisenberg - Turbine bike rider

A little crowd forming
Starting the Burn out

Up the famous Goodwill Hill

The Crowd when we started the bike!!

The generous TAG sponsors who chromed the bike