Straightliners World wheelie and Speed records - Elvington

Straightliners World wheelie and Speed Event
Elvington August 2011
After the success of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was agreed that we would have fun with the 2005 turbine bike and keep it in the UK for 12 months, taking it to various events. A chat with wheelie champion 'Dodge' resulted in the bike being invited to the World Wheelie and Speed records at Elvington in 20/21st of August. For those that don't know Elvington in Yorkshire is one of the UK's longest runways. It is just over 2 miles of perfect flat ground suitable for the heaviest of military planes and jets. It is a dream and privilege to be able to race at such speeds in such a place. Having never raced the bike before on UK soil, it was a steep learning cave, with some of the best wheelie champions and Speed racers you've ever seen and big crowds expecting big speeds! Continuous wheelies for over 1 mile at speeds in excess of nearly 180mph. Jack Frost and his impressive 600hp Turbo Hayabusa doing speeds well north of 200mph. Even the Ghost rider and his 450hp Turbo  special was in attendance. We didn't disappoint though. We rode the bike up to the event (with van of bits and crew following obviously for the event), to demonstrate that this is no 'bike in a van' demo bike, but the real deal bike you can actually ride on the road. It was a real hoot riding up, with people looking up to the sky as the bike comes past, (due to the jet sound), following by a double glance at the bike and then a furious round of photo's from their camera phone, as they look on at disbelief. Stopping at Petrol stations was amusing, as every attendant looked on at shock as I filled the bike with pump diesel. I reassured them it was okay, I was running a jet turbine to their look of confusion! We didn't disappoint at the event. The crowd reception was good. We built up speed gently over each run, as we lacked a dyno to test the bike before. The scariest part was stopping the bike. A turbine has no engine braking, so when you shut off the power at full speed, it just keeps going. You need to use every little bit of brakes you have to shed that speed, before the end of the runway. With only 1 mile up to max speed and half a mile to brake, things happen really fast. At circa 300 feet per second, there is little time to think or procrastinate.  If that wasn't enough to worry about... all was going well, when at 196mph we burnt the clutches out. This caused the transmission oil to boil out into the exhaust system, creating huge plumes of white smoke across the runway, much to the enjoyment of the crowd who though it was a special 'jet' display, like you see at Santapod from the funny cars. The gearbox got so hot, it then seized, which at those speeds was a little bit scary. But all was safe, and good enough to win first in the Extreme bike event. The bike was placed back in the van, with my well earned trophy and taken back to Guernsey for a total strip down to check that everything was fine, ready for the next event....
Yes, my head should be lower, but the helmet blocked my vision!
196mph, before the clutches burnt up and the gearbox seized!
At the start line, firing up the Turbine
Some of the other nutters...

The quest for speed... notice his 'Aerodynamic' front wheel guard.

This crazy guy had only one arm!

How to do a proper fast wheelie

If you think you're good at wheelies... watch these guys!