Turbine bike to be at Goodwood festival of Speed 2013

Two Turbine bikes to attend the 20th anniversary at Goodwood Festival of Speed (GFOS) 2013 !!

After extensive rebuilding of the original 2011 MTT Chrome Turbine bike from the ground up, the bike will be coming to the 2013 GFOS with many new changes; these being; new swingarm, rear shock and suspension, Carbon BST wheels, Marzocchi 50mm USD forks, CNC drop down triple trees, new computer/ECU, one piece Carbon Fibre tank and tail unit, ISR 6 pot brakes and a new propriety single gear F1 1000lb carbon clutch, with the bike lighter and faster than ever before. All the work was done in the small Island of Guernsey by Maxicorp (Autosport). The bike will be sporting a sophisticated black and yellow graphics and will be sponsored by TAG HUER watches. The bike will be launching TAG's new Microtimer Chronograph, which costs the same as the bike; $180,000 !! 

The second bike coming to the event will be

goes well with the Elvington 2013 British Land speed events, you can expect to see the actual motorbike at the Goodwood Festival of speed 2013, 12-14th July. The bike will be running every day twice a day on Fri, Sat, Sun and will be ridden by Zef Eisenberg. The bike will be near the F1 paddock in the motorbike section in it's own section. If the conditions are right, the bike will also start every so often in the paddock to allow spectators to see and hear the amazing sound of Jet turbine starting up and idling. I suggest you bring your camera as it is truly the most fantastic sound if you've never heard one start before.

On the same stand, Goodwood will also see the launch of the first ever new prototype Turbine bike since 1998, the 'MTT 420ss Streetfighter'. This bike is a Joint venture between MTT in the States and Maxicorp Autosports, headed up by Zef Eisenberg in Guernsey. The bike will be in streetfighter 'naked' style and will see the world most powerful naturally aspirated engine (turbine) fitted to a motorbike, a RR Allison 250 C20b from a Augusta 109 6 seat VIP helicopter. The turbine produces around 420bhp + at the shaft with over 387lb ft of torque at 6000rpm. The bike will be in prototype form, as more work is required in testing and shakedown work. However it will be capable of starting up and riding up and down the hill. This will be a special occasion and the bike has never been seen anywhere else in public. This bike we hope will have enough power and aero design to be a genuine 250mph + bike. And before you ask, the bike is fully road legal, taxed and insured and again like the other turbine bike runs on regular pump diesel.

2013 is going to be fun, see you at Goodwood...


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